...or rather badges' websites. They're sad sight. You look at the axed Pontiac's website and all you see is a very sad rebadged Aveo and Cobalt, a shitty SUV, a tardy G8. And that's how they ended things. Saturn had some rebadged Opels on offer. Saab got F'd by the same GM. At the Ford side of things, Mercury has a sad web presence.

How did they not realize the potential of their brands is disgusting. Saturn was the only one that received attention (they screwed that up too) because it was new. They gave love to a new project and left all of the others to rot. Wither away to the point of offering an Aveo with a different badge, as a Pontiac.


I researched the old brands and they all used to be fine manufacturers before the 70s happened. And before GM and FoMoCo ruined everything.

How did they not realize that Mercury could have had the Euro Mondeo imported and Linc' could have had some Aussie-based RWD love? Imagine a Focus CC Mercury and a Focus RS Mercury with new styling.


How did they not import the moderately fresh back in the day Opel Corsa, Meriva and Zafira as Saturns, and not make the Astra TwinTop a fun little Chev with a new front end?

There IS a way to save money on R&D and making multiple brands happen. It is VAG's way. Its MQB cars (Leon, Octavia, A3, Golf) have lived with each other for 3 generations, serving a different purpose and maintaining an identity, with the same engines and platforms.


It's just such a terrible pity that American companies ruined it for the sake of greed and numbers, and forgot about cars entirely. This will take years to rebuild.

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