I know relatively little of Saturn. I knew it was one of the clusterfuck of GM brands, I knew it sold rebadged Opels, and I knew it represented everything about pre-Lehman GM ineptitude.

Now - my understanding is, they created it in the 80s as a 'new kind of car company' and a host of other stupid slogans that look like desperate propaganda from Fallout 3 or some other dystopian setting. They truly did start it from scratch with much design and much new blood. Why though? All other GM brands were honey rebadgers at this point, so why didn't they just revamp their brand lineup? You know, make Olds or Pontiac the 'new kind'. Pontiac, yeah. Make it more sporty etc.


Wouldn't the effort and money be better spent on an existing brand rather than creating a new one with no pedigree?

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